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Seminar 2007

Quilt Examination

The 2007 seminar was held at the University of East Anglia Norwich. 46 members attended a very full programme.

On Friday we looked at items at the Study Centre of Norwich Museums including items from the Brereton Bed Hangings and in particular at a newly acquired coverlet.

Cathy Terry spoke to us that afternoon on Norwich Textiles. Saturday morning saw the presentation of three papers.

‘Fabric or Fabrication’ – an investigation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s textile imagery in three of her novels by Carolyn Ferguson. A very timely paper with the current Sunday evening TV dramatisation of Cranford!

‘Cloth and Culture’ – the significance of historic silk-mix fabrics from North Wales by Dorothy Osler and Debbie Evans. The unfolding further of the detective work associated with discovering the silk culture in North Wales.

‘Victorian Piety on Cloth’ – Margareta Faust looked at the relationship between the Wyatt and Bloomfield coverlets shown by the Quilters’ Guild at Festival of Quilts 2007.

Saturday afternoon saw most of us at Strangers Hall with a detailed tour of the property ending with a fascinating insight into how Norwich Museums are preparing further rooms for display. After a group meal Sue Marks and Bridget Long talked about the International Quilt Study Center in Nebraska where Sue held a visiting fellowship earlier this year and Bridget is on the advisory board for IQSC and an associate fellow.

Sunday morning saw the remaining two papers.

‘The Hawick Quilts’: the product of detailed research by Linda Lane Thornton into the production of distinctive wholecloth quilts in this region.

‘Uncovering Hidden Marks on the 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet’: in which Bridget Long threw further light on the construction and design of the coverlet through the use of transmitted light photography.

Copies of Quilt Studies Issue 9 containing the papers from 2007 Seminar are still available.