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Results of your search for “the sea”

  • Colin Brandi

    In 1989, after a chance meeting with an American Art quilt maker whilst on holiday in Scotland, I made… (read more)

  • Gwen Harlow

    Update 2019 I finally finished my own hexagon quilt just before Chrismas 2018. I am leaving the older… (read more)

  • Terry Donaldson

    I am a quilter and teacher based in Fleet, Hampshire. My contemporary quilted wall hangings and smaller… (read more)

  • Carolyn Gibbs

    I make traditional quilts,usually in modern ways using quick-piecing techniques. Working out beforehand… (read more)

  • Isobel Loftus

    In trying to describe my passion for quiltmaking, I have four main areas which influence my creativity… (read more)

  • Roz Rossiter

    I have been a quiltmaker for 35 years, I started very traditionally, in a time when it if wasn’t hand… (read more)