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  • Jan Allston is teaching Raw Edge Appliqué

    Back by popular demand, Jan is teaching Raw Edge Appliqué using the blocks from her round the world,… (read more)

  • Stephanie Lockie

    I have been a teacher of textiles for many years, teaching in schools and adult education in the 1970's… (read more)

  • Jacquie Harvey

    Having sewn for most of my life, I have been quilting now for almost 25 years and have had enormous… (read more)

  • Anne Riches

    Having taught City and Guilds patchwork and quilting, and teaching in France where we lived for 11 years,… (read more)

  • Jan Allston

    Living with husband Keith in Polegate, East Sussex and having retired from a career in firstly teaching… (read more)

  • Susan Gray

    I have had a needle in my hand since i was very small. Each year I give a Xmas workshop with my local… (read more)

  • Jane Attwood

    I have been stitching for as long as I can remember, quilting for about 21 years and teaching patchwork… (read more)

  • Patricia Archibald

    Quiltmaking and teaching are passions of mine. My love of fabric started at an early age and having… (read more)

  • Louise Mabbs

    I am a professional textile artist, art quilter, teacher, writer. I love doing Community Projects, Artist… (read more)

  • Tracy Fox

    Hello and welcome.... My name is tracy fox and I live in Manchester, England. I am a designer maker… (read more)

  • Cecilia Slinn

    More of my work and teaching projects can be seen on: Indulged by my Grandmother… (read more)

  • Avril Clark

    I create a range of one off and limited edition textile items, such as bed quilts, wall hangings, cushions,… (read more)

  • Sara Cook

    Like so many I made my first quilt as a teenager in hexagons cut from Laura Ashley fabric. Since then… (read more)

  • Alicia Merrett

    I am a contemporary art quilter, and for a couple of decades I have worked mainly with the techniques… (read more)

  • Kate Smith

    My Guild involvement has been long & varied - I have done time as an Area Rep, Regional Coordinator,… (read more)

  • Kira Withers-Jones

    Originally I completed a BA in Fashion Design but I quickly realised that I didn't have a robust enough… (read more)

  • Annette Morgan

    I have lived in East Anglia most of my life, and I have lived in Thetford for the last 3 years. I am… (read more)

  • Lucie Dutton

    I am a London-based handquilter and historian - and I'm always amazed at how much one is inspired by… (read more)

  • Julie Edwards

    Member of the guild since 2005 and was on Region 14 committee from 2009 firstly as newsletter editor,… (read more)

  • Jenny Hornsey

    I started quilting in the 1960's with a traditional Grandmother's Garden quilt with 1 inch hexagons… (read more)

  • Hazel Williams

    I've been a quilter for 20 years and have a City and Guilds Diploma in Patchwork and Quilting. I love… (read more)

  • Joanna O'Neill

    Having knitted, painted and stitched my way through early life, I studied for the City & Guilds Creative… (read more)

  • Helen Howes

    I have been sewing since I was two years old.. I get fidgetty when I'm not doing that. In the last 20… (read more)

  • Lesley Coles

    I have been teaching patchwork and other textile classes for over 30 years. I am a fully qualified Teacher… (read more)

  • Penny Armitage

    I learned to quilt while living in Kuwait but now live on the edge of Exmoor in North Devon, in region4.… (read more)

  • J. Wagner

    I have been sewing and patching since the 50s. My favourite thing is recycling and working with plastics… (read more)

  • Sue Rhodes

    I'm a patchwork and quilting tutor working from my studio in East Sussex. For the past 5 years I've… (read more)

  • Gilli Theokritoff

    I am Gilli Theokritoff, a quilt artist, endlessly fascinated by fabric and pattern and all the possibilities… (read more)

  • Sarah Williamson

    I took up patchwork about nine years ago, and I have no favourite style or method (except I don't get… (read more)

  • Rosalind Johansson

    My passion is ethnic design and traditional techniques in textiles. I don’t like seeing decades of… (read more)

  • Helen Barnes

    I grew up in Yorkshire, in a home full of gorgeous fabrics and threads surrounded by beautiful countryside… (read more)

  • Julie McConnell

    Quilter, Wife, Mother and Kiwi I mostly have experience in traditional patchwork and also love dyeing… (read more)

  • Janice Gunner

    I have been a member of the guild since 1982 and was President from 2005 to 2008. I have been quilting… (read more)

  • Chantal Guillermet

    I live in the French Alps and I've been quilting for nearly 30 years now, starting with traditional… (read more)

  • Janet McCallum

    I am a graphic designer and contemporary quilter. Most of my graphic design work has been for educational… (read more)

  • Clair Hughes

    Hi. I recently gave up my nursing registration to pursue my patchwork dream fulltime. I have a hubby… (read more)

  • Moira Neal

    Hello! I am a free machine artist and I love to upcycle old cotton sheets to use in my work. I enjoy… (read more)

  • Susie Corke

    I have taught Patchwork and Quilting for many years and I am PGCE qualified in teaching Textiles Technology… (read more)

  • Julia Langley

    I have sewn for as long as I can remember ,starting with Barbie dresses (if you can call a rectangle… (read more)

  • Paula Rafferty

    I have been sewing since I was a small child, taught my mother and I started making clothes for my Sindy… (read more)

  • Val Cave

    I am a retired secondary school Textile teacher and, for the past five years, have been teaching patchwork… (read more)

  • Gill Towell

    In 2014 Gill set up GillyMac Designs to teach local children and adults to sew. Gill quickly won national… (read more)

  • Christine Plowman

    I have been quilting for many years, mainly Contemporary and Art Quilts. I have just returned to the… (read more)

  • Joy Edgington

    I have been a full time patchwork and quilting tutor since 2011 and I love teaching a wide range of… (read more)

  • Abigail Sheridan De Graaff

    I started my journey into Patchwork and Quilting in New Zealand in 2010. Fast forward a few years and… (read more)

  • Carolyn James

    I am a Ruler Quilting Tutor, teaching classes in East Anglia... I also enjoy traditional patchwork and… (read more)

  • Amanda Jane Ogden

    Amanda Jane Ogden is an artist, designer and maker, based in Ramsgate, Kent, Her online business is… (read more)

  • Judith Murray

    I became interested in patchwork and quilting whilst resident in Toowoomba, Queensland in 1983. I have… (read more)

  • Jenni Batten

    Work in a primary school as a teaching assistant. Also help out with the sewing clubs in school which… (read more)

  • Molly Brown

    As a new member of The Quilters Guild, I am in awe of the work people produce. I recall my first visit… (read more)

  • Beverley Mayo

    I have always been drawn to the textile world and have found my home in patchwork & quilting. I love… (read more)

  • Anna Powell

    I have been involved in needlework/crafts since I was 5 years old when my Grandma taught me to stitch… (read more)

  • Marianne Ten Kate

    Patchwork and quilting enthusiast renewing skills learned in the 1970s! I learned traditional patchwork… (read more)

  • Nadine Paver

    Originally trained in clothing and textile design, I have been sewing and quilting all of my life. I… (read more)

  • Katalin Horvath

    I always loved crafts, I learned crocheting, knitting, embroidering weaving as a child, my Grandma and… (read more)

  • Claire Powell

    I was bowled over when I saw my first quilts at the American Museum in Bath though it took me another… (read more)

  • Mistianne Guzman

    I am originally from the states and currently reside in beautiful Edinburgh. I consider myself a quilter… (read more)

  • Jane Spedding

    Hello there, I am a textile artist and teacher based in Brighton on the sunny south coast! Having completed… (read more)

  • Jenna Clements

    My love of craft began in childhood, when my mum taught me how to cross stitch when I was two years… (read more)

  • Jonathan Dymond

    I am available to visit your craft/patchwork group or WI groups and give my talk ' Sewing takes me from… (read more)

  • Linda Wilsher

    Having joined a local village Quilting Group way back in the early 2000s I have enjoyed all sorts of… (read more)

  • Carol Springett

    Hello! I have been a keen sewer all my life and enjoyed making clothes for myself when I was in my teens… (read more)

  • Trustee SKelly

    I've been quilting since 1988 when my mother decided I needed a break from my 2 children and sent me… (read more)

  • Gillian Travis

    I am a textile artist based in a small village in the South Pennines near Halifax. I have a studio near… (read more)

  • Ann Hibberd

    I have always enjoyed stitching and making things but discovered patchwork and quilting in a big way… (read more)

  • Janet Hazelton

    I recently completed my allotted three years as Chair of the Oxford Quilt Group which was founded in… (read more)

  • Clare Workman

    I am a patchwork and quilting teacher and designer based in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park… (read more)

  • Brenda Mary Howell

    I explore a variety of textile techniques, am experienced teaching children and adults of various abilities,… (read more)

  • Aileen Wright

    Hi, I'm Aileen, the owner of The Sew Studio fabric shop & workshop in Dunfermline, Fife and also Sew… (read more)

  • Lesley-Anne Bealey

    I started patchwork and quilting in about 2012 after my partner bought me a book on it. I've always… (read more)

  • Janet Bottomley

    I am a freelance patchwork and quilting teacher working in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. My background… (read more)

  • Janet Goddard

    I love to sew and have been making patchwork quilts for many years. Any projects that use machine applique… (read more)

  • Sue Shanley

    When I was a primary school child, my mother completed a year's secondment from Secondary school PE… (read more)

  • Tutors and Speakers

    During lockdown our usual round of Guild events and those with our local sewing groups were put on hold.… (read more)

  • Paula Simpson

    I am an experienced textiles teacher who has been teaching for 16 years. I have a PGCE in Secondary… (read more)

  • Sheila Curtis

    Hi - I live in beautiful Herefordshire. I've been sewing all my life from when I made clothes for my… (read more)

  • Carole Pinnington

    I started quilting and patchwork classes in September 2013 having sewn since childhood. A group of us… (read more)