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  • The Quilters' Guild Travel and Education Bursary - Teacher

    Guild Teacher Travel Award This Award of £1,000 is given once every two years to a teacher who is a… (read more)

  • Ece Malkoc

    During my 13 years as a handcrafts teacher, I and my students won prizes both in national and international… (read more)

  • Elisabeth Tate

    I have been quilting for 30+ years having been taught by Canadian quilt teacher Lucy Anne Holiday when… (read more)

  • Devi Chapman

    My interest in patchwork and quilting happened by accident after helping a group of schoolchildren who… (read more)

  • Michele Moody I have been quilting for nearly 40 years, originally taught… (read more)

  • Kathryn Wilson

    I began quilting to make a baby gift for a friend. So far, 6 cot quilts made for 6 babies - and just… (read more)

  • Kate Findlay

    Textile artist, teacher, and general creative person with an interest in techie stuff too. I have become… (read more)

  • Lesley Coles

    I have been teaching patchwork and other textile classes for over 30 years. I am a fully qualified Teacher… (read more)

  • Margaret Harris

    I live in the very North of Wiltshire, actually on the edge of 3 counties, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and… (read more)

  • Carolyn Carter

    Hi I am a retired teacher who is a cereal crafter . I love to have a go a most textile crafts. My main… (read more)

  • Michael Fitchett

    Designer, artist and teacher, exploring graphical and representational images through the medium of… (read more)

  • Janice Gunner

    I have been a member of the guild since 1982 and was President from 2005 to 2008. I have been quilting… (read more)

  • Mags Smith

    I have been quilting since I moved to Newent in Gloucestershire almost 20 years ago. My interest in… (read more)

  • Deana Taberner

    I first met patchwork way back in 1975! WhenI was making my o level choices and on one line was creative… (read more)

  • Marijke Van Welzen

    Marijke van Welzen , the Netherlands textile artist, teacher, makes wearable art with a story to tell.… (read more)

  • Jo Avery

    A lifetime of playing with fabric and yarn has culminated in a career as a teacher, entrepreneur and… (read more)

  • Deborah McGuire

    Hello! I'm Deb. You could call my quilt making a hobby, but it's more of a compulsion! I have been making… (read more)

  • Paula Rafferty

    I have been sewing since I was a small child, taught my mother and I started making clothes for my Sindy… (read more)

  • Annelize Littlefair

    My main interest is long arm quilting and in particular free hand customised quilting. I have a Handiquilter… (read more)

  • Anna Powell

    I have been involved in needlework/crafts since I was 5 years old when my Grandma taught me to stitch… (read more)

  • Paula Doyle

    I am a quilter, quilt teacher, designer, and author of Mini Mosaic Quilts, which was published by C… (read more)

  • Julie Edwards

    Member of the guild since 2005 and was on Region 14 committee from 2009 firstly as newsletter editor,… (read more)

  • Hazel Williams

    I've been a quilter for 20 years and have a City and Guilds Diploma in Patchwork and Quilting. I love… (read more)

  • Deborah Gair

    I have been sewing for what seems like most of my life. At around 8/9 years old a teacher introduced… (read more)

  • Mary Cunningsworth

    I'm a retired ex teacher and librarian and very enthusiastic quilter. I used to regard myself as a quilting… (read more)

  • Stephanie Lockie

    I have been a teacher of textiles for many years, teaching in schools and adult education in the 1970's… (read more)

  • Gwyneth Rose

    I have been a Patchworker since 1976. In the 1990's I taught City & Guilds Patchwork & Quilting and… (read more)

  • Jane Rollason

    My work is a result of a life long love of textile art, I worked for a time as an art teacher and after… (read more)

  • Rosemary White

    I am a retired Home Economics teacher. I started Patchwork and Quilting City & Guilds level 3 in January… (read more)

  • Katalin Horvath

    I always loved crafts, I learned crocheting, knitting, embroidering weaving as a child, my Grandma and… (read more)

  • Val Cowan

    I have always loved colour, texture and pattern, quilting brings all these elements together for me.… (read more)

  • Alicia Merrett

    I am a contemporary art quilter, and for a couple of decades I have worked mainly with the techniques… (read more)

  • Annette Morgan

    I have lived in East Anglia most of my life, and I have lived in Thetford for the last 3 years. I am… (read more)

  • Heather Hasthorpe

    I have sewn since I was very young. At school I had to drop it and study more academic subjects so at… (read more)

  • Lesley Mariner

    Have enjoyed sewing all my life particularly any forms of hand sewing. Trained as a Primary school teacher… (read more)

  • Margaret Styles

    Retired teacher who loves fabric and collects it given half a chance. I was taught to sew by my mum… (read more)

  • Louise Mabbs

    I am a professional textile artist, art quilter, teacher, writer. I love doing Community Projects, Artist… (read more)

  • Sarah Humphreys

    I am an experienced quilter – having made quilts for nearly 30 years. I was taught to sew by my mother… (read more)

  • Helen Howes

    I have been sewing since I was two years old.. I get fidgetty when I'm not doing that. In the last 20… (read more)

  • Tamzin Phillips

    I enjoy making traditional quilts and also trying out new things. I make a lot of bags, book covers… (read more)

  • Christine Chester

    I am a teacher working out of Studio 11, a specialist textile studio in the centre of Eastbourne. I… (read more)

  • Terry Donaldson

    I am a quilter and teacher based in Fleet, Hampshire. My contemporary quilted wall hangings and smaller… (read more)

  • Sheena Norquay

    I became interested in patchwork in the 1970's and started to quilt by hand and machine in the early… (read more)

  • Susan Jennings

    I am a retired teacher who took up quilting in 2013. Prior to this I made artist bears that sold internationally.… (read more)

  • Anne Smith

    I started patchwork and quilting in 1995 with Jacqui Vallis as my teacher. When my third son was born… (read more)

  • Paula Simpson

    I am an experienced textiles teacher who has been teaching for 16 years. I have a PGCE in Secondary… (read more)

  • Patricia Hann

    Patricia has been a quilt teacher and speaker and has quilted for 50 years She loves a challenge and… (read more)

  • Janet Goddard

    I love to sew and have been making patchwork quilts for many years. Any projects that use machine applique… (read more)

  • Val Shields

    I have always enjoyed making things having had a grandmother who taught me to knit before I went to… (read more)

  • Dian Smith

    Hi, I'm Dian, I am a teacher of Patchwork and Quilting, Art, Embroidery, Beading, Lacemaking and more.… (read more)

  • Clare Workman

    I am a patchwork and quilting teacher and designer based in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park… (read more)

  • Janet Bottomley

    I am a freelance patchwork and quilting teacher working in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. My background… (read more)

  • Roz Rossiter

    I have been a quiltmaker for 35 years, I started very traditionally, in a time when it if wasn’t hand… (read more)

  • Catherine Rigby

    My love of patchwork started after my first lesson with Sue Belton - who taught in Garstang, Lancashire… (read more)

  • Hilary Martin

    I am interested in all aspects of textile work.My time is divided between sewing,music(I am a pianist… (read more)

  • Jennifer Barlow

    As a long time Quilters Guild member, I am a loyal supporter of the Guild. I enjoy traditional forms… (read more)