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Welsh wholecloth quilt

A Welsh wholecloth quilt which is green on one side and gold on the other; its size is 74 x 86 inches. Stunning quilting, with a wool blanket inside as a filling. The quilt seems unused, was it simply stored away and never used? There is a name tape, Edith Jones, sewn to one corner, but it is unclear whether this was the quilter, or the owner. A variety of patterns can be seen here, together with the circular central "coin". Victorian in age -no provenance as it came from an auction - but the style is said to be "boxy Carmarthenshire". These quilts were commonly made by professional quilters, and certainly the design and stitching look very assured. The stitches are large, given the thick padding, but the designs stand out well. The needles must have been very stout to pierce through all those layers! These quilts were quilted in wooden quilting frames, and the main areas would have been marked in chalk along with the major shapes, but much of the patterns would have been added freehand. The quilting designs from this quilt have been traced onto polythene as a record.