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Welsh Quilt from Newcastle

Welsh Quilt from Newcastle

This quilt is almost square at 73” x 75” and is made from cotton sateen in a light blue and a strong salmon pink and has a quite thick wool wadding. The two long seams on each side have been handstitched. The handquilted patterns are typically Welsh and are stitched in a dark pink thread and are surprisingly neat considering the thickness of the quilt. It is interesting that although the maker has used traditional Welsh quilting patterns, she has adopted the North Country way of finishing the edges by machine instead of by hand as more usual in Welsh quilting. This otherwise very Welsh quilt was in fact made by a Welsh lady who had moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne but she had presumably decided to try the more North Country way of finishing a quilt.

The quilting patterns show a large central wheel which has a pretty eight petalled flower at its centre. This is surrounded by four Beech leaves placed end to end to form a circle, two opposing leaves are quilted with veins and the other two with pairs of lines. Two double lined circles surround this - one with a zig-zag filling and the outer slightly wider one is filled with spirals.

This centre is set within a double lined oblong which has a fan in each corner, two different patterns have been used. The central flower is repeated at the inside corners of the fans. A double lined trellis fills the end spaces and there is a double lined infil at the sides.

On two opposite sides are borders of squares on point filled with double lined infil alternating the direction in each. The triangles formed by the squares are filled with either double lined chevrons or curves.

The outer border of the whole quilt is of alternating triangles with a variety of infils - a trio of spirals, three Beech leaves, double-lined chevrons and square diamonds are placed symmetrically. Two opposite corner squares are each filled with four spirals, the other two opposite corner squares have four beech leaves, again with the two designs as in the centre.