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Welsh quilt by Margaret Williams

Margaret Williams - quilt

This quilt is by Margaret Williams, or one of her students. Mrs Williams (1877 - 1937) was a well-known "quiltwife" from Gwaun-cae-Gurwen, South Wales. The date is probably 1930's. Margaret taught quilting and made quilts for many clients. She also gave quilting demonstrations, was a home nurse and iced cakes. She won numerous prizes for her quilting at various Eisteddfodau in the 20's and 30's.

The central motif is very typical of her work, as are the assymetric spirals in pairs, known as ram's horns. She also favoured stars. In other quilts, she also used natural-looking leaves and a vine with simple leaves. Also seen in this quilt are bent leaves, spirals, grids and simple leaf or fern patterns.

The quilt measures 85 x 93" and is apple green on wone side with a bright yellow on the other side.