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'Under the Boardwalk'

Under the Boardwalk

Made by Margaret Nichol in 2004.

Size: 164 cm x 94 cm (65 in. x 37 in.)

Construction: pieced over papers in the ‘English’ manner

Top: silk

Backing: cotton

Wadding: polyester

‘Under the Boardwalk’ is a quilt that I had looked forward to making for years. I have frequently used elements of architecture as inspiration for my work. Images of the beautiful but damaged floors of St Mark’s Basilica, Venice, hung on my kitchen wall. The quilt had designed itself in my mind’s eye years before.

I was able to study the floors themselves while visiting Venice in November 2002. St Mark’s portico was submerged under 15 inches of water. I returned as often as I could during the visit and marvelled at, and mourned for, Paolo Uccello’s starred dodecahedron that has survived since 1425 but is now in grave danger of disintegration under flood water.

Originally I had intended to use compasses and ruler to generate the patterns but my husband, Aidan, convinced me that a more accurate version could be generated by computer. Accordingly Quilt Pro software was used to generate the patterns for the roundels and the papers were printed by computer. I derived great satisfaction in honouring a 15th century artist, using an 18th century technique aided by 21st century technology. (A full description is available in Making 'Under the Boardwalk' )

Margaret Nichol © 2013