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Two North Country Bedjackets

Two North Country Bedjackets from the collection of Pippa Moss.

1. Quilted Bed Jacket - Saltburn near Redcar

This little quilted bed jacket came from a family’s estate auction some years ago at Saltburn near Redcar, North Yorkshire. The outer fabric is an ivory silk or artificial silk, and the lining is of pink cotton.

The jacket has been cut in a simple design with the sleeves and body cut as one piece - so only side seams are needed. It has been very nicely quilted and finished - the front fastening is a single button and the edges have been nicely handstitched. The quilting patterns are of curling feathers with two pairs along the bottom of the front and on the reverse and one pair on each of the sleeves.

2. North Country Bed Jacket – Cumbria

This unusual blue bed jacket with a cream lining was made by a sewing teacher called Mrs A Woods who lived in Cumbria. It dates from the Rural Industries Board era, although we don't know if Mrs Woods was involved in that.

The jacket is well made and features North Country quilting designs with a tie closure. Large feathers and also daisies are used on the back, fronts and the sleeves and are stitched in a blue thread. The quilting is good, but not outstanding - but Mrs Woods may not have been solely a quilter, she probably taught all manner of embroidery and knitting skills. The edges are neatly finished with piping, and at the seams, the edges are bound before being sewn together.

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