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Two Amy Emms Cushions

Two Amy Emms cushions

Here are two cushions made by Amy Emms and which now belong to Pippa Moss. Pippa purchased them a few years ago from a lady living in Carlisle who had known Amy well.

One of the cushions has a rose surrounded by a lovely feather circle with fans in the corners and a diamond infil - this seems to have been Amy's most usual pattern. The back of this cushion has a nice wineglass pattern and the cushion also has a frill, which is an added extra.

The second cushion also has a frill and the quilting patterns are four feathers or trefoils with a diamond infill. The back of this cushion has a diamond pattern all-over.

Both cushions are stitched with very even quilting stitches!

Pippa says “Both of the cushions have Amy's label. I have other Amy Emms cushions that are earlier, and lack this label. I never met Amy, but have heard a lot about her from Lilian Hedley and others. Most of us also have a copy of Amy's book, which is well worth a read.”

For more photos visit Pippa’s blog

EDIT - Pippa has now donated these cushions to the Guild Collection