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Robina's Quilt for Jessie

Robina Frizzel's Quilt for Jessie

As  seen in the exhibition "It's All in the Making"

• Robina Frizzel

• 1937

• 187 cm x 208 cm (74 in. x 82 in.)

• Cotton sateen

• Cotton wadding

• Machine pieced and hand quilted

Robina supplemented the family income

by making traditional wholecloth quilts

as a ‘club’ quilter in Tweedmouth,

Northumberland. This quilt, however,

is not a ‘club’ quilt but is one of three

quilts that survive within the family. It

was made for the wedding of her fourth

daughter, Jessie Tait Frizzel, in 1937

and is finely hand quilted in a simple

design. The restricted range of quilting

motifs, including the thistle and half

circle, echoes Robina’s background as a

quilter who designed and made quilts

in one or two weeks. She won prizes

for her work and still took commissions

for quilts when she was in her 70s. This

quilt is made so well that it is reversible

with a pink face and cream reverse. The

edges are butted in the traditional way.

Private collection