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Red and Yellow Strippy with a Paisley Back

Red & Yellow Strippy with a Paisley Back

92” x 76” (234cm x 193cm)

 This quilt is in a crimson red and bright yellow cotton sateen. The front has nine strips each of 8" wide, alternating five red with four bright yellow. The backing is a lovely red paisley cotton sateen sateen and the whole quilt, which is in good condition, has a lovely soft feel. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, there is no provenance apart from that it was bought from a seller in Tyne and Wear who had previously purchased it from a flea-market in County Durham.

The quilting stitches are quite neat and are in a pinky red thread. The two outside strips and the centre strip which are red sateen, are quilted with large daisies with sixteen spiral-type petals with ten flowers in each row. These daisies also continue along the top and bottom edges of the quilt. The remaining two red strips are quilted with fat seven-lined twists with a lined infil on the outer edges.

The four yellow strips are quilted with squares on point filled with a block of sixteen one-inch squares in a grid. The outer edges are echo quilted with approx. ¾” spaces.

The quilt is finished with a knife edge and has a single line of machine stitching on the very edge of the quilt.