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Quilt from Swaledale, Yorkshire


Quilt from Swaledale, North Yorkshire

A lovely wholecloth quilt of cotton sateen - a pale gold on one side and a pale green on the other.

The quilt has a cotton wadding and has some super quilting patterns which although quite simple and a bit quirky give a very pleasing design. The handquilting is quite rough and ready and not very neat but the patterns show very well.The quilting is laid out in a bordered style with a very large and detailed central rose surrounded by a nice three lined twist or cable, the background to this is of square diamonds with a leaf shape in each corner. The first border is of squares on point with a pointed rose in each and in the corners are small fans edged by the three lined twist found in the central design. The final border is of a large six lined twist with a small rose in each corner.

According to her friend although it is not know if she made the quilt, it had belonged for many years to a Mrs Susan Davey who was rather eccentric and was ‘quite a hoarder’. She herself had lived for many years in a house overlooking the green in the large village of Reeth in Swaledale, North Yorkshire. From research carried out it is likely that, although she was born in this area in 1933, Susan and her family had at some point moved to Norfolk as she married there in 1957.

Luckily, when helping family to clear her house after Susan’s death in 2003 (then in her eighties) her friend noticed that the quilt was being thrown out in a black bin liner and saved it along with two others!