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Pink and Floral Sanderson Star Quilt

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This very lovely and unusual version of a ‘Sanderson Star’ quilt from the North of  England, is in very good condition and measures 88”x91”.

‘Sanderson Star’ quilts are named after the famous quilt stamper (marker) Elizabeth Sanderson (1861-1933) who designed this particular pattern. Elizabeth Sanderson came from Allendale and was apprenticed to George Gardiner, a draper and quilt stamper, who taught her to design and mark quilt tops – she became more famous than her teacher and after her apprenticeship she took on her own students all famously marking their quilt tops using blue pencils. There are markings visible on this quilt but it is difficult to see if they are plain pencil or a washed out blue.

Sanderson Star quilts are usually made in plain colours but this one is more unusual as it has been made using a dark pink, plain cotton together with a lovely floral cotton sateen with pink and blue flowers on a beige background which makes for a very pretty and also striking quilt. As is usual in this design, the centre eight point star is cut from one piece of fabric meaning that all of the eight ‘kite’ shaped pieces which make the star shape have been inset as have the background pieces – not an easy quilt to plan or to sew together! There are three floral and three plain borders, the first floral border is set around the star block giving the impression that the star is floating.

The quilting on this quilt is very neat and with tiny stitches. The inner star is quilted much like a spider’s web rather than the more usual rose design and the kite shapes have a much favoured quilt stamper’s pattern of a rose and feather. The background on the star has been quilted with 1” square diamonds with a rose within a rose in each corner.  The borders are quilted in varieties of twists and chains apart from one which has a variation of the elaborate Gardiner running feather, the corners are all turned with a rose motif. The knife edge has again been stitched by hand with tiny stitches. The back has nine strips of floral cotton sateen in three alternating colours of blue, pink and cream.

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