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Patchwork Quilt from Teesdale


79” X 91” (200cm X 230 cm)

This is an interesting patchwork quilt made using a wide range of fabrics and laid out in a very pleasing square framed design. Although the quilt has a wide variety of prints including Victorian mauve prints it also has many substantial woven shirtings which may suggest that the quilt was made in the early to mid-twentieth century. The Turkey Red squares set out across one diagonal and the larger corner squares really stand out and draw the eye. Backing is a pale blue cotton chambray and it is hand-quilted in a simple but effective all-over design of bellows and roses. It is possible that at some point in its life the quilt has been cut down as the quilting continues right to the edge on the top and bottom edges while the sides have the usual plain unquilted edge.

Although the maker of the quilt is unknown it came down through a well-established farming/mining family who lived in a remote farm near Forest-in-Teesdale