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North Country Strippy.

North Country Strippy Quilt

Here is a beautiful double sided strippy quilt with yellow and pink strips on one side and two shades of green on the other - the green being the wrong side.

The quilting fits the top strips exactly but the back has the seams slightly offset - presumably to make the quilting easier to stitch. It was made for a wedding in 1932 in Stanley, County Durham and the quilting is lovely. The patterns are typically North Country but are really well laid out and are beautifully stitched. The centre is a super feathers bellow pattern with centre roses and covers two strips. The strips on each side are mirrored with roses in rings, wineglass, roses in squares on point, roses in an oval trail and half roses with short trails on the outer strips.

Kate Smith

Photos used with kind permission of the Collectable Quilt Company.