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North Country Cot Quilt

North Country Cot Quilt with Page Bank Pattern

Here is a little North Country cot quilt, from the 1920's or 30's. It is very nicely quilted, and is of better quality than those usually seen.

The fabrics are a fine cotton sateen in a faded blue/green with a white reverse. The size is 26” x 38" or about the width of the fabric that was common in those days. The seller, from York, dated this as late 1800's but of course it is hard to tell. The edges are hand sewn.

I have traced the design onto polythene, fortunately, these small quilts do not take as long to trace as the larger quilts.

The quilting patterns are interesting - it is somewhat difficult to design a cot quilt, as not much space is available. In the centre is a rose, surrounded by paired curved feathers, with a nice centre vein. This central design with paired feathers is the classic "Page Bank Feathers" - typical of the quilters in and around one small Durham mining village. The design is also known as "Festoon Feathers".

Also to be seen are corner feathers spouting from pots - very similar to a motif used in the commissioned RIB quilt made by Mrs Pirt and now in the V & A Museum.

There are also smaller leaves at the midpoints and the border is a North Country twist with corner roses. The quilting is fine with some close quilting, especially on the feathers.

Pippa Moss

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