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Nora Worth's Ties Quilt

This striking coverlet can be found in the collection of the Dales Countryside Museum at Hawes in Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales and was part of their recent exhibition 'Colour and Comfort' held in collaboration with the Quilters' Guild.  Although made locally in the mid 20th century it isn’t necessarily typical in design or fabrics of other quilts and coverlets that were made at this time in this area and it has an interesting story.

Nora Worth who lived in Gayle, a small village close to Hawes made this very colourful coverlet from the many ties that her nephew had sent her from all over the world whilst he was away on business. The labels which Nora has included in the two vertical stripes show that many of the ties were of silk and from esteemed and sometimes exclusive companies – perhaps not often seen in daily life in the Dales.

The overall layout of the coverlet is of hexagons but look closely and it can be seen that it is constructed of what must be hundreds of equilateral triangles all neatly oversewn together by hand in a well thought out design. The labels have been sewn onto strips of blue velvet.

Nora may have had some ties left after making the coverlet as she also made a hexagon shaped cushion. This again features the triangles which have been sewn into a pleasing star design.

Many thanks to Fiona Rosher, Museum manager for Dales Countryside Museum for allowing us to feature this coverlet.

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The new gallery will be featuring quilts, rugs, knitting and other textiles and it also has an area for workshops and demonstrations.

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