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Mystery Quilt

Beryl’s Mystery Quilt

This quilt belonged to Beryl’s Grandmother who lived in Middlesborough, Teesdale all her life.

Her grandfather also came from Middlesborough and he died in 1918. Nothing is known about Beryl’s step-grandad as she never met him but his surname was Malton. (Which is the name on one of the four laundry marks on the quilt)

Beryl would appreciate any comments about the quilt as it is a bit of a mystery.  The quilt is made of cotton sateen in a plain pale pink and a pink floral and is made in a semi-frame style but with additional pieces top and bottom to make it a rectangle.

Unusually, the quilting has been done on a home sewing-machine and has a large central flower, the rest of the ‘frames’ are straight stitched apart from one of the narrow borders which has a zig-zag pattern.

Studying the photos, it appears that the quilt may have been made and quilted in sections before being put together as there seem to be 'ridges' and a stitched folded edge along the different sections.

Any suggestions or comments? Please contact (note underscore) and I will pass them on.

The printed laundry marks are



Written marks are