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Military Pincushion

 A Soldiers or Military Pincushion.

Another unusual item from Jenny Barlow's collection. This is a Soldiers or Military Pincushion which has been in Jenny's family for 35-45 years. 

These types of pincushion were not made to be used but were keepsakes sent to loved ones during the Boer War and also the First World War. They are generally made from the fabric used for the soldiers tunics, hence the wool fabric and the colours which can be recognised to different Regiments. They were also made in heart shapes, which were possibly available as commercial kits for convalescing and injured soldiers during The First World War, these sometimes also featured a 'silk' with the Regimental Crest.

This pincushion in a six-pointed star shape, is made from a circle of red wool fabric surrounded by triangles and diamond shapes in red, white and blue wool fabric. The patterns are made by pins, coloured glass beads and sequins, while the words which read 'With Respect' have been set out with pins alone. The pincushion is finished with a braid fringe which is more easily seen on the photo of the back.

 The back is made from a plain 'white' cotton or linen and what makes this pincushion particularly interesting is that it bears a label with the name 'PIPER J. TAIT, BLACK WATCH, 20/4/1900'

Jenny has tried to do some research on this name but has so far drawn a blank.