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Gosforth Quilt

Gosforth Quilt

This beautiful quilt belonged to Amy Hann nee Connor who was born in 1884 in Heaton near Newcastle where she also met and married John (Jack) Hann who was then a grocer. John went on to become a fire officer and they lived in accommodation at Gosforth Fire Station, Tyne and Wear. He was a fireman for any years and worked his way to the top job of Chief Fire Superintendent many years before he retired. The quilt was purchased a few years ago from Amy’s Granddaughter who assumed that as her Grandparents were well off then they had probably bought the quilt rather than it being made by her grandmother although she did sew – we shall unfortunately never know.

The quilt is in very good condition and has lovely rich yellow cotton sateen on one side and a deep pink on the other. The wadding is cotton and the edges are machined, the quilting is worked in a yellow thread.

The quilting patterns are used in an unusual layout but this may relate to the particular area that the quilt was made. The central design is a wheel with a rose in a circle at the centre and a double-lined leaf spray within each of the eight sections between the ‘spokes’. This is surrounded by a half feather circle. Although the patterns are laid out within borders even without its provenance the feathers, ferns and flowing designs would make it easy to see that it is most definitely a North Country quilt.

A really super quilt.

Liz Nally