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Gold Quilt from County Durham

If you were at the Quilters’ Guild AGM in Newcastle in April then you would have been lucky enough to see this beautiful quilt as a backdrop on the BQSG stand. Made in the 1930’s by Margaret Elizabeth Dixon who was the postmistress at Tow Law in County Durham, a position held by her for many years, the quilt is in a rich gold cotton sateen with a green reverse and is quilted with a yellow thread. The striking central design is made up of six very large stylised fans surrounding a rose with the same rose being repeated around the border. A simple quilt design using only two templates infilled with square diamonds makes this a very attractive quilt.

Margaret made at least one other quilt - this time in cream sateen with the addition of the1930’s frill! This second quilt has a more detailed centre using a smaller rose surrounded by leaves and then the large fans which are the more usual shape on this quilt. A narrow border of a simple chain surrounds the central pattern and repeats the fan and rose motifs in a smaller form in the corners. This is then followed by a wider border of leaves set in a zig-zag pattern with a circle motif in the corners. Both quilts have machine-stitched edges and nicely planned corners.