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Corded Baby's Bonnet


Corded Baby’s Bonnet/Cap

Not a quilt but a delightful corded and embroidered baby’s bonnet or cap. Made in the eighteenth century this is well over two hundred years old but is in very good condition with no wear and just a couple of small rust spots. It is very small, being only three and a half inches across each of the side panels and just two and a half inches across the width of the gusset.

As the patterns are symmetrical and fit the shapes of the panels then it would seem that this was not cut down from another item such as a waistcoat as many were but was in fact originally made to be a baby’s cap.

The background corded sections have been stitched with minute running stitches while a backstitch has been used for the flower and leaf motifs before being corded. Several different pulled thread work patterns have been used to infil the shapes - the maker must have had extremely good eyesight as the fabric is very fine and the patterns very detailed.