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Comfy Quilt

Comfy Quilt

This month we feature one of the many ‘Comfy’ quilts that were produced commercially by the British Quilting Company from Rossendale in Lancashire in the early to middle part of twentieth century. This particular example is interesting as it still retains its cardboard label as well as the little stitched ‘nametape’ type label.

At 70” x 90” it is not a large quilt but is made in the most recognisable ‘Comfy’ style of a central diamond and border using two cotton sateen fabrics, still with their sheen, one plain pink and one a pink paisley pattern. The quilt is reversible - one side shows an outer plain border followed by a paisley fabric surrounding a plain diamond shape in the centre and on the other side the fabrics are completely reversed. It is machine quilted with characteristic zig-zag lines and the ‘seams’ are flat taped using the plain pink sateen. The wadding is cotton.

The smaller ‘nametape’ style label is stitched in a gold thread and states “The Comfy” Regd, Washable Hygienic. The larger cardboard doublefold label has more information stating “The Comfy” Regd, Quilted Bedspread Sanitary Washable and states the size in inches together with the style letter and also shows the price to have been 27/6 – not cheap at that time.

Much more about ‘Comfy’ Quilts and The British Quilting Company can be found in Quilt Studies 13 in the research paper by Jan Rae.