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Bordered Quilt

Bordered Quilt 83” x 97” (211cm x 246cm”)

As is often the case, there is no provenance with this gorgeous white quilt which is in super condition. It has a lovely mitred border of a printed sateen depicting lilies and other flowers in the still bright colours of pinks, pale blues, greys and ochres. The cotton sateen fabrics are very soft and still have a beautiful sheen, the back is also of white cotton sateen.

The quilting is typically North Country - there is a large central multi-petalled rose which is surrounded by a circle of eight smaller roses each with twelve petals. Each rose is set within a double-lined circle. Next, at the top and bottom only are mirrored chevrons with a diamond infil.

This whole central design is then surrounded by a border of bellows with twelve-petalled rose infil. The next border is of running feathers with fans as infil and the outer edge has chevrons and diamonds.

The quilt is very plump and most probably has a cotton wadding as is usual in the North of England. The quilting is of fairly neat, small stitches but probably because of the thickness of the wadding, they are well spaced out. The edge has been sewn with two rows of machine stitching.

A similar quilt which dates from the end of the 19th Century features in ‘Quilts & Coverlets: The Beamish Collections’ by Rosemary E. Allan.

Liz Nally