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Blue Scalloped Quilt from Wales

Blue Scalloped Welsh Quilt

Early 20th Century, Wales

82” X 82”

This is a super Welsh quilt with no provenance at all.

A square quilt, it is made in pale blue and cream cotton sateen and is quite thickly wadded with sheeps wool – it was sold as ‘suitable for a tablecloth!

It is quilted by hand using typical Welsh geometric patterns with a central design of six paisley pears set in a spiral surrounded by a double circle filled with S’s. This is set in a square with spirals in each corner.

The next border is made up of squares on point infilled with small squares. A very attractive ‘Church Window’ filled with spirals, denoting long life, double lined V’s and hidden hearts makes up the outer border with super fans in each corner.

The final scalloped edge has spirals and is special in that it is completely handstitched and has tiny buttonhole stitches in the ‘dips’ of the scallops. The corners are particularly interesting as they are actually hearts , these may possibly indicate that it was made as a wedding quilt.

The quilting and all other stitching is very neat especially considering the thickness that had to be stitched through.