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Anne Keith, 2004, made as part of a series entitled Matrix.

Size: 36.25 in. x 36.25 in. (1 m x 1 m)

Top: silk

Backing: silk

Wadding: none

Construction: folded and machine pieced

Quilting: machine and hand quilted

Anne Keith trained in Printed Textiles at Glasgow School of Art and has exhibited with Visual Arts Scotland and with Edge: textile artists Scotland. Awards include the Art Quilt Award by Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead.

The inspiration for this piece was a rainbow over the Firth of Forth, seen from the artist’s Edinburgh studio. A series of photographs captured the changing light in a sombre sky. Grey, blue and sea-green silks reveal the subtle interplay of light in sky and water, while flashes of intense, jewel-like colours add vibrancy to the piece. Exposed edges enhance texture and contrast.

In the exhibition catalogue Making Journeys Helen Joseph wrote of Keith’s work:

This quietly personal quilter … observes and translates complex colour and tone changes in a subtle and sensitive way. She is absorbed and patient when handling fabric; collecting, gathering and treasuring material from her travels. Her skill is to be found in the transformation of these pieces into an understandable whole – the fragment of a memory, the small piece of silk. (Collins Gallery, 2002)