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Blue and Cream Block Quilt

(Collection of Anne Jeater)

Size: 87 in. x 83 in. (221 cm x 211 cm)
Top and backing fabric: cotton sateen
Wadding: thin, probably cotton
Construction: hand-pieced
Quilting: hand-quilted
Edges: butted

This beautiful quilt was bought from another BQSG member who had purchased it at the Antique Textile Fair in Manchester in 2011. The pieced-block pattern is unfamiliar but looks like a modified Bear’s Paw. The blue is an unusual bright mid-blue and the cream is a deep, rich cream. The backing is plain cream. It is in excellent condition apart from slight fading to the blue border on one edge and two very small brown stains – both fairly inconspicuous. There is a butted edge with two rows of exquisite hand stitching – one very close to the edge and the second half an inch inside.

The hand-piecing is very good but the quilting is superb, both the tiny even stitching and the choice of motifs. The centre is a traditional Lover’s Knot, the hearts in the heart block could have Welsh origins (although another of our members says they remind her of Scottish Luckenbooth hearts), and the corner goose wings and border feathers and roses are North Country. The feathers are definitely Northumbrian as they have the double lining to the stem and outside edge.

The dealer, who is from Barnard Castle, could give no information on the provenance or the date but she believes it is most likely a North Country quilt.  Any suggestions would be very gratefully received (email