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Quilt Studies 10

edited by Hazel Mills

published 2009

  • Barbara Ponsonby’s Household Scrap-book: Nineteenth-century Perceptions of Patchwork and Quilting – CELIA EDDY
  • The Third Quilt: An Investigation into Possible Connections between a Coverlet in Nottingham Museums and Galleries and the Wyatt and Bloomfield Coverlets – MARGARETA FAUST
  • The Wyatt and Bloomfield Coverlets: The Family Connection – CAROLYN FERGUSON
  • One Common Border, Two Continents, Three Countries: A Study of a Set of Silk Wholecloth Quilts – JOAN FOSTER
  • Sibling, Cousin or Friend? Considering the Relationship between Two Late Eighteenth-century Mosaic Patchwork Coverlets – BRIDGET LONG