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Index of Topics and Authors included in Quilt Studies

Index of Quilt Studies of the British Quilt Study Group.

Quilt Studies 1 Edited by Celia Eddy published 1999

  • The Classic Strippy Quilt – DOROTHY OSLER
  • Four Aspects of Turkey Red: The Process and Early History – DERYN O’CONNOR
  • Expansion of the Plain Turkey Red Industry in the  Second Half of the Nineteenth Century – TINA FENWICK SMITH
  • Turkey Red in Quilts and Clothing  –   PAULINE ADAMS
  • The Turkey Red Industry: Export Cloths  – DERYN O’CONNOR

Quilt Studies 2 edited by Celia Eddy published 2000

  • 18th Century Quilting in London — CLARE ROSE
  • Changing Perceptions of the Quilt — SUE MARKS

Quilt Studies 3 edited by Dorothy Osler published 2001

  • Fabric as Evidence: Unravelling the Meaning of a Late 18th Century Coverlet – JACQ BARBER
  • A Study of a Late 19th Century Appliqué Coverlet – BRIDGET LONG
  • Evidence for an Unrecorded Way of Setting-up a Quilt in the Frame – PAULINE ADAMS

Quilt Studies 4/5 edited by Dorothy Osler published 2002/3

Issue 4:

  • ‘Lapis’: Recognising a Colour Phenomenon Found in Some Printed Cottons in Early 19th Century Patchwork – DERYN O’CONNOR

Issue 5:

  • Special Issue on the 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet: Introduction – TINA FENWICK SMITH and DOROTHY OSLER
  • The 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet: Provenance and Family History – MARY HEWSON
  • A Comparative Study of the 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet – BRIDGET LONG
  • The Dress Show: A Study of the Fabrics in the 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet – DERYN O’CONNOR
  • A Brief Historical Survey of the Social and Economic Context in Which It Was Made – CELIA EDDY

Quilt Studies 6 edited by Dorothy Osler published 2004

  • Quilts and Cultural Values: Gender, Race and Social Class – LAUREL HORTON
  • Historic Silk Quilted Petticoats – SHEILAH DAUGHTREE
  • Scripture Coverlets from Printed Blocks – RACHEL NICHOL

Quilt Studies 7 edited by Dorothy Osler published 2006

  • Uncovering the History of Patchwork and Quilting in Norway – JOAN FOSTER
  • The Blossoming of Patchwork: A Study of Cotton and Linen Patchwork in the 18th and 19th centuries – BRIDGET LONG
  • ‘Revolutionary’ Prints: A New Style of Late 18th Century Block Printed Fabric Designs – DERYN O’ CONNOR

Quilt Studies 8 edited by Dorothy Osler published 2007

  • Machine-made Patchwork: the Development and Adoption of Tools and Techniques 1880 to 1990 – PAULINE ADAMS
  • A Study of Quakers, Convicts and Quilts – CAROLYN FERGUSON
  • Early Quiltmaking among the Ulster-Scots in the Southern United States – LAUREL HORTON
  • An Introductory Study to Sericulture and Silk-mix Fabric production in North Wales in the 18th and 19th Centuries – DOROTHY OSLER and DEBORAH EVANS

Quilt Studies 9 edited by Hazel Mills published 2008

  • Victorian Piety on Cloth: The Wyatt and Bloomfield Coverlets – MARGARETA FAUST
  • Fabric or Fabrication? Textile references in four Elizabeth Gaskell novels – CAROLYN FERGUSON
  • Uncovering Hidden Marks on the 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet – BRIDGET LONG
  • Cloth and Culture: Silk-mix Fabrics from North Wales – DOROTHY OSLER and DEBORAH EVANS
  • The Hawick Quilts – LINDA LANE THORNTON

Quilt Studies 10 edited by Hazel Mills published 2009

  • Barbara Ponsonby’s Household Scrap-book: Nineteenth-century Perceptions of Patchwork and Quilting – CELIA EDDY
  • The Third Quilt: An Investigation into Possible Connections between a Coverlet in Nottingham Museums and Galleries and the Wyatt and Bloomfield Coverlets – MARGARETA FAUST
  • The Wyatt and Bloomfield Coverlets: The Family Connection – CAROLYN FERGUSON
  • One Common Border, Two Continents, Three Countries: A Study of a Set of Silk Wholecloth Quilts – JOAN FOSTER
  • Sibling, Cousin or Friend? Considering the Relationship between Two Late Eighteenth-century Mosaic Patchwork Coverlets – BRIDGET LONG

Quilt Studies 11 edited by Hazel Mills published 2010

  • Print with Print: The Role of Liberty Fabric in the post – 1960s UK Quilt Revival – ELIZABETH BETTS
  • From the United Kingdom to the United States: The Evolution of Chintz Appliqué Quilts – CAROLYN DUCEY
  • Quilt as Icon? – SUSAN B. MARKS

Quilt Studies 12 edited by Hazel Mills published 2011

  • A North Wales Tradition? A Preliminary Study of the Patchwork and Quilting of North Wales – DEBBIE EVANS
  • The Great British Quilt Story: Fact or Fiction? – VIVIENNE JOHNSON
  • The Wemyss School of Needlework and the ‘Business’ of Quilting, 1928–1940 – JANET RAE
  • Harmony in Cloth: Theory into Practice – KAY SWANCUTT

Quilt Studies 13 edited by Hazel Mills published 2012

  • Quilted Works ‘of Naples’: the French and Italian Context of the Tristan Quilts – KATHRYN BERENSON
  • Commemoration and Grief: Two Coverlets and the Death of Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales – ANITA B.LOSCALZO
  • The Marchant Grove Quilt: A Record of a Canadian Wartime Community – MAXINE MARCH
  • The Comfy: A Social History of the British Quilting Company – JANET RAE

Quilt Studies 14 edited by Hazel Mills published 2013

  • Bolton's Cotton Counterpanes: Hand weaving in the Industrial Age -  ERIN BEESTON AND LAUREL HORTON
  • West Kent Textiles in Wills, Inventories and Probate, 1550 - 1650 – CHRISTINE BURGESS
  • A Tale of Two Quilts: From Guernsey to Ohio and Back – CELIA EDDY
  • Patchwork: An Illustrated Tale – ANN GIBSON
  • A Tyneside Signature Quilt: A Passport to a Primitive Methodist Community in the 1890's? – ANN JEATER

Quilt Studies 15 Edited by Sue Selwyn published 2014

  • The Potential for Welsh Influence in the Early Development of Amish Quilts: An Exploration of Historical Evidence – DOROTHY OSLER
  • British Influences on the American Block-Style Quilt - JANICE E.FRISCH
  • From Conception to Fruition: The BQSG Exhibition "It's all in the Making - patchwork and quilting unpicked' – SUE MARKS

Quilt Studies 16 Edited by Sue Selwyn published 2015

  • On and Off the Wall: A Look Back at Thirty Years of Quilt Art and Art Quilts – SARA IMPEY
  • The Rose Diaries: A Window into the World of Britain's pre-1960 Quilters in North East England and South Wales – DOROTHY OSLER
  • Embroideries Created by Women Interned in the Far East (1942-1945) - BERNICE ARCHER AND ALAN JEFFRIES

Quilt Studies 17 Edited by Sue Selwyn published 2016

  • Pride of Place: The Bed and its Furniture: an Analysis of 88 Wills from North Staffordshire and South Cheshire –PAULA HULME
  • Egyption Quilting: The Documentation, Structural Analysis and Conservation of Two Mamluk Caps in the Newberry Collection, University of Leeds - JACQUELINE HYMAN
  • The History of Cyanotype (Blueprinting) and its Use in Photography, Industry, Art and Textiles - CATHY CORBISHLEY MICHEL
  • A Stitch in Time – JENNIFER VICKERS
  • The Quilt Wives of Aberdare – CLARE CLARIDGE

Quilt Studies 18 Edited by Barbara Hateley published 2017

  •  Stories of Collaborative Quilt making: two Rochdale quilts - LYNN SETTERINGTON AND DR ALISON SLATER
  •  A tale of the Unexpected: Origins of the 1930’s Spennymoor Quilters - DOROTHY OSLER, JOAN FOSTER, ANNE JEATOR, KATHRYN KERSEY, JULIA SHAY, VAL SHIELDS AND ROSEMARY TONKS
  •  Queen’s Pictures: the life and work of the artist Elizabeth Allen- HAZEL CONWAY
  •  Documenting Twenty-First Century Quilters: Capturing Quilting trends Today for Tomorrow- LUCIE HEIMS B.SC.,M.A

Quilt Studies 19 Edited by Barbara Hateley Published 2018

  • The Third Avenue Methodist Church Quilt: a digital research project –DAVID MARCH
  • Stitched Encounters:an exploration of the Afghan-European Embroidery Initiative Guldas – KATJA MAY
  • Twenty Years A- Growing: Perspectives on Quilt History Research in Britain 1998-2018 – DOROTHY OSLER
  • An Index of Topics and Authors included in Quilt Studies – RACHEL NICHOLS

  Quilt Studies 20 Edited by Bridget Long published 2019

  • Documenting the Extent of Competitive Quilting Taking Place in the Counties of Northumberland and Durham  in the period 1870-1919 – JOAN FOSTER
  • ‘I thought I was the only one’: The British Quilt Revival during the 1970’s – PAULINE W MACAULEY

  • The 1918 Hartley Quilt: an investigation into the origins of a quilt – KATE SMITH

Quilt Studies 21 Edited by Rachel Terry published 2020

  • Paupers, Penitents and Potentates: An Investigation of the Symbolism and Meaning in Some Patchwork Garments by CELIA EDDY
  • The Bosley Coverlet and Other British Signature Quilts by ANNE JEATER
  • Domestic Needlework and the Sacred Liturgy: The Wardour Patchwork Chasuble and Maniple by BRIDGET LONG

Quilt Studies 22, Muriel Rose Special Issue, Edited by Rachel Terry published 2021

  • Introduction by DOROTHY OSLER
  • A Modern Crafts Legacy: Muriel Rose and the Crafts Study Centre by JEAN VACHER (Edited with permission by Greta Bertram)
  • The Little Gallery and the RIB Quilts: Findings from the Muriel Rose Archive by JULIA SHAY
  • Patrons of Muriel Rose's Little Gallery in the 1930's by ANNE JEATER
  • An Investigation into the Geographic, Social and Economic Backgrounds of Five Durham Quilters Working for the RIB Quilting Scheme in the 1930's by JOAN FOSTER
  • Durham Quilters and the Little Gallery: Economic and Business Interactions by DOROTHY OSLER