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Shona Kelly

I adore english paper piecing and crazy quilting as I find the rhythm of handwork to be a great stress reliever from a hectic job. I'm also a fabricaholic and one of life's pleasures is stroking fabric. Sometimes I feel like the last stitcher in the world as everyone gives me bags of textile bits and pieces. Of course, this great for crazy quilting.

I also like learning and using lots of textile art techniques like printing, surface embellishment, and anything that comes up off the surface.

Everything in my slideshow is an original design and can be offered as a workshop.

Currently available talks are:
1. She who dies with the most fabric wins! This talk goes over the basics of how fabric is constructed and reminds people of the jargon we all forgot after home economics or practical arts classes in school. I talk about what works and doesn't work in quilting and why with lots of examples of successes, and mistakes. I also pass around fabulous fabrics to stroke and covet. 'Inspiration@ packs are available to purchase.

2. Quilting a rainbow. This talk is focused on why we find it so satisfying to have colours sorted into the order of the rainbow or a colour wheel. I explain the jargon of colour and present a plain language information about the science behind light and colour. I present examples of when I think quilts were successful or unsuccessful because they don't quite include all pure hues of the rainbow. There is also a discussion about where the language of colour comes from. This talk can be paired with a simple-to-construct strip-pieced rainbow quilt.

3. EPP 2.0. English paper piecing is all the rage but there are a lot of tips and tricks that can make it more pleasurable even for experienced people. This talk, when combined with my workshop on EPP provides lots of examples of problem solving EPP issues (like how do you finish the edges) and thinking outside the box. Of my talks, this is one that should probably be combined with the workshop.

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I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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