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Sheena Roberts

I have been sewing since I was tiny, and creating patchwork for almost as long. I was taught by my Great Aunty Mary (after school gave up on me!) and never miss an opportunity to extend my knowledge and experience.
The thing that gives me more joy than anything else is seeing others succeed. I teach (especially beginners, but once people find me they don't stay beginners long!) in Hertfordshire, North Lincs and Wiltshire - and anywhere else people ask me to go! I love "Curious Quilters" - those people who are prepared to have a little bit of an adventure whilst they are learning, the people who always want to put their own slant on something, or who are prepared to take a risk with design.
Design is an important part of what I do and what I teach. It's never enough to just copy someone else's work or to make up a kit - I always want to put a different slant on things and encourage my students to do the same.
It is really hard to label ourselves - traditional quilter, modern, contemporary? I can fairly confidently say I am not traditional, and probably not an art quilter! But am I contemporary or modern? Probably modern as I do quite like to start from something trad and then add a slant.
I have a nasty sewing machine habit - keep trying to break it, but sewing machines keep calling to me and following me home! And a bad fabric habit ..... and a dreadful thread habit! Quilting should probably come with a health warning!
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I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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