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Sheena Stubbs

Where to start in all honesty is the big question. I cannot remember a time when I didn't make "things".

It all started as a small child with Lego, dolls clothes, dressing up games, painting by numbers and spirographs. Life was very genteel as a little girl despite occasional tomboy moments. Then the revolution came - Blue Peter. The television programme that could strike terror into the heart of a parent as each week the presenters made something, usually from items found in the household

My home was no exception to this. My Mother actively saved boxes, empty washing up bottles, worn out clothing, paper etc and with the addition of a pair of scissors and PVA glue I was off. My early days of crafting. Then with the support of being shown how to sew, very simply at the beginning, plus a grandmother who could crochet, we're off again

Many think recycling belongs to this generation but some of us were doing this a long time ago. I'd happily take my saved up pocket money to a jumble sale (where have they gone?) buy up a bag of items and perhaps unravel hand knitted items for wool supplies, make clothes from the fabric I carefully dissembled and occasionally join items to create unique items. Nothing was wasted.

My first sewing machine was a much loved and well earned item. My parents offered to pay half if I earned the other half through my Saturday job earnings. Well that didn't take long, nothing like youthful determination. Clothes of all sorts were made on that machine, some terrifying my parents as I went out, in their words "oddly dressed".

Life continues on its curving path. Essentially life would be boring without fabric and imagination

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