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Sally Simpkin

I live in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. I’ve lived here for just over 5 years and love it here. I previously worked and lived in Suffolk where I was Assistant Director of Children’s Services.
Although I have sewn and done a myriad of crafts since a young girl I had never done any quilting before. My sister-in-law gave me a book token for Christmas 2018 and in 2019 I bought a couple of beginners quilting books. They remained on the shelf as I had a big job making curtains for my nephew and his wife after they moved into a new house.
Then in 2020 just before COVID struck I was told I would need 6 months of chemo for Lymphoma!! I thought how do I turn this negative into a positive and decided to learn about quilting. A friend from my book group advised me to join the Guild and told me about Philippa Naylor’s online courses on Quilters Question time I’ve become hooked. I’m having to learn a new language and look up words like FMQ and stashes!!
I made cushions as Christmas gifts and nearly finished my first quilted play mat. My next challenge is FMQ!!