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Michele Moody

I have been quilting for nearly 40 years, originally taught by Dieuwke Philpott. Since then I have attended many workshops run by teachers with kudos ‚ such as Lynne Edwards, Gail Lawther, Siripan Kidd etc. They have led me to better work, more inspiration and the confidence to try new things. Although I still am grounded in traditional patchwork and quilting, I now like to branch out somewhat and have experimented and teach land/seascapes. I have run a number of workshops for local groups in the East Anglia region and for quilting shops. You can email me for a brochure and prices. I also give two talks, one on The History of Appliqué and one on My Life in Pieces.

I belong to many groups. I set up Mimram Quilters with friends who had also been in Dieuwke’s classes, and became Chair of this and Icknield Quilters in time. I am now always doing publicity for their exhibitions! As my main profession is editing, indexing and proofreading, I have been the editor for the In the Frame newsletter for the Trad Group and also for the newsletter for Reg 7, Bits and Pieces.

I also like to write the occasional article. I have appeared in The Quilter, British Patchwork and Quilting and Fabrications. One of the proudest things that has happened to me is to have one of my quilts in Lynne Edwards Applique book.

The photo is a Maria quilt I made from a Lynne Edwards pattern designed for Liz Trenow’s book The Lost Seamstress. Maria sewed in the royal household but ended up in a mental hospital where she made a quilt. Read the book! Lynne’s design is available online. I can also vouch for Lynne’s new videos that she set up in the dreadful Covid years. Wonderful.

I take commissions and have sold quite a few of my big quilts. I tend to do bed quilts rather than small things, although I get frustrated how textiles are so much lesser thought of as ‘art’, with consequent lower prices. Just trying to get monies back on fabric, wadding and thread is difficult enough!

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I accept commissions and I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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