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Michael Fitchett

Designer, artist and teacher, exploring graphical and representational images through the medium of quiltmaking. Inspired by vintage travel posters and printmaking, drawing from my own on-location sketchbook work, I am a partner/maker of 2-person quilts and a teacher of design using fabrics and other collage media.

Art and drawing is a passion, I am what is now known as an Urban Sketcher. I'm just as happy drawing the everyday as the monumental, be it terraced houses or the pyramids.

My professional background is in Graphic Design, Product Design and Engineering Illustration. I had a long career as Artist/Designer for a UK company building architectural clocks, where I used freehand drawing, computer graphics and photography for concepts and presentation. Examples of my clock designs can be found in the public realm of the UK and overseas.

Sometimes they are just like snapshots. Sometimes jottings, but sometimes more considered drawings. Wherever I am I like to have my sketchbook. Some sketches become ideas for further work, such as pastels or even a quilt. All aim to capture a scene, an object, or just a moment. For me, sketching is at the centre of my art, and through my presentation I would like to encourage the audience to have a go themselves.

My talk lasts for about 45 minutes plus time for questions. It is illustrated with enlarged prints from my sketchbooks. I also bring finished works and (subject to availability) some of my quilts that have been inspired by my sketches. These and original sketchbooks can be viewed at the end of the talk.

My talk has been well received by quiltmaking and embroidery groups in the UK Midlands. I can also offer this as a zoom presentation for any group who are taking part in virtual meetings.

Colour, tone and atmosphere: pictorial design for appliqué. A one day practical workshop, split into two sections: paper cut and fabric cut. Students will see how a picture idea can be translated into a design suitable for making in fabric.

Students will work from a prepared outline drawing to make a colour paper collage. In doing this they will find out how tonal and colour values can be used effectively. Using their collage as reference, students will commence work on a fabric appliqué picture, same size as the collage. They will select their fabrics and begin the making process, sufficiently to be able to complete the project in their own time at home.

This workshop has been run successfully with a local group and as half day academy workshops at the UK Festival of Quilts in 2016 and 2017.

If you are interested in me coming to talk or teach your group, please contact me.

Find me on where there are links to my FLICKR and FACEBOOK pages.

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I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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