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Maureen Baroni

I have been sewing since I was 11, starting with the school apron. Learned dressmaking at school but my mother always sewed and my sister worked in model gowns at Debenham & Freebody, so I learned a lot from them and my own mistakes. We all made our own clothes in the 60s and 70s, and I was no exception. I worked for a woollen merchant for 11 years so it was all suits and coats. When my mother died in 1980 and I had to fend for myself, the sewing stopped. I did make a bridesmaid's dress for my niece when I married in 1983, but that was all in the wilderness. I read an article about P&Q so I found an evening class with Annette Claxton and when that eventually folded, I joined Beckenham Quilters. I wouldn't say that I have gone on in leaps and bounds, rather that I have plodded, but I love sewing, which I found very relaxing after a day at work but I have now retired. I've done two stints on the Region 2 committee where I served first as Treasurer and then as Newsletter Editor, all of which I enjoyed immensely. i'm now doing a second terms as Newsletter Editor for Region 2. I'd recommend joining the committee if you want to get even more out of being a member. I've treated myself to a free motion quilting machine and a new Bernina sewing machine, both of which are lovely. Now i've retired I have more time for my hobbies but I do have to pick and chose what I do as I really miss being paid each month.