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Magie Relph

I fell in love with African Textiles when I first landed in Africa in 1984. Since then I have travelled back and forth across the continent hunting out new and different fabrics and textiles as well as the old and traditional! We bring all these textiles back to our house in the Pennines in West Yorkshire.

Talks for textile, patchwork and quilting groups: or anyone interested in textiles and design
My talks last about 1 hr depending on the talk, I'll show a variety of textiles, artefacts and quilts. All of my talks are 'handson'. You'll actually get to handle pieces and examine them closeup. Some talks include digital images from our travels and research in Africa.

Here are some brief descriptions of the talks I offer to tempt you - full descriptions can be found on my website.

African Threads
Over the years I've been amazed by the work created by many quilters and artists using 'my' African fabrics. So let's take a journey across Africa through some of the beautiful quilts made by friends of The African Fabric Shop.

A Textile Journey
The creative process is often likened to a journey.
My journey began when I first went to Africa in 1984 and I'm still travelling the buses and back roads as I research and document Africa's colourful and varied textile traditions.

Under African Skies
Focusing on cloths from my collection, we'll look at West Africa's long tradition of hand-dyeing fabrics.
Then we'll see how contemporary dyers are building on the past to develop new techniques and designs.
And, we'll see how I've used these fabrics in my quilts

African Blues
Indigo truly is 'the king of colours'. And nowhere more so than in Africa.
Mixing a bit of history with a bit of alchemy, then adding a dash of design, we'll discover the beauty, excitement and significance of this unique dye in Africa.

Big Is Beautiful: African Costume and Clothing
In Africa, the bigger the occasion, the more important it is to show off.
And what better way to display your status, importance and wealth than by what you wear?

Ashanti Inspirations
Many of my quilts have been influenced by the textiles of West Africa.
By handling both vintage and modern pieces from my collection, we'll discover how these traditional cloths are made. We'll also discuss their place in West African culture, as well as the background and meaning of their designs.

I can offer a number of half day workshops to go with these talks

See for more information.

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I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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