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Louise Mabbs

I am a professional textile artist, art quilter, teacher, writer. I love doing Community Projects, Artist In Residencies and Commissions

I had studios in Derbyshire, Manchester, London and Brighton where I taught and did commissions

I moved north to Newcastle in 2021, no doubt the Northumbrian countryside and Angel Of The North will inspire me now

In 2006, I moved to Hove, East Sussex, which led to more sea inspired and windmill aspects in my work

I trained in weave/knit constructed textiles at Winchester School of Art (1982-5) where I discovered Quiltmaking properly through an art history lecture, it completely changed my work direction

I did a C&G teaching certificate 7307 - Further & Adult Education Teachers Certificate, at North Trafford College, Manchester (1992-3) alongside teaching in Adult Education

Later I did the C&G Embroidery course at East Berkshire College, Windsor (1998-2003) with tutors Jan Beaney, Jean Littlejohn, Janet Edmonds and others, because I wanted to further my embroidery skills especially free machining

I was the QG Derbyshire Rep in the late 80's and a YQ rep in London in the late 90's

My work is very eclectic, but I specialise in optically inspired geometric quilts, interpreting mathematical sequences, freeform organic inspired machine embroidery, fabric origami and 3D structures, including what I call multiviews - zigzag structures, with several contrasting images, viewing positions

I co-wrote the Quilter's Guide to Twists & Tucks (UK)/Origami Quilts (USA) with Wendy Lowes in 2006 and have been pioneering geometric fabric origami since, I'm hoping to do some new books on it soon, in the mean time I sell instructions/kits there are always plenty more ideas in the planning stage too

I love working on big projects with schools and community groups or working on collaborative projects with other artists as well as developing my own work for exhibitions and commissions

A lot of my work these days is about making Maths accessible to people through visual forms. I attend a lot of Maths/art and Origami conferences and co host Brighton MathsJam

I look forward to meeting you and enthusing you with a love for Fabric art forms and mathematical ideas

Get in touch with me

I accept commissions and I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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