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Karen Hodgson

I have 3 children and 9 Grand children and am heading for the big 60 this year, I love sewing and my husband is a fantastic enabler ;0)

I have not been a life long sewer, in fact I did not start sewing until after I turned 50, this was also when I first got into You Tube and started watching Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company (whom I saw at last years FOQ) making these lovely blocks and quilts. I was hooked so wanted to have a go and bought a cheap little machine (I have since upgraded that) my mam was very surprised as I had never liked sewing as a youngster. I don't get to sew a lot, but have made 4 or 5 small quilts, I have 2 UFO's on the go and am currently attempting to teach myself FMQ.

I am really looking forward to this years (2020) FOQ as hopefully I will get to see Angela Walters (if I am quick another of my You Tube favourites.

I have also made some bags, bean bags, hats, cushion covers, had an embroidery machine made some stuff with that sold it bought a JUKI 2200 qvp mini last year that I love. I will pretty much see something and say 'I'll have a go at that' I do not believe the saying that you 'Cannot teach an old dog new tricks' you can, you most definitely can, it just takes a little