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June Robertson

I was born in Scotland and now live in Canada with dual citizenship. I sewed my own clothes when I lived in the UK and when I married and moved to Ontario in the early 90s I discovered traditional quilting. For the next 25 years life was busy but I always had some little sewing project on the back burner. I retired in 2014 and that was the start of my adventure into the world of textile art. I was the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Regional Representative for Central Canada for 2 years during which time I was fortunate to meet many very talented artists. Early on I found that I loved dyeing my own fabric and applying surface design. Environmental issues are also of great concern and that has led me to an interest in natural dyeing. I've come full circle in some ways as I am now looking to creating my own fabrics to make my own clothes again. Over the last 7 years I've crossed paths with an increasing number of British quilters and artists which is what resulted in me joining the Guild and the Contemporary Quilt Group. The mushrooming of on-line activities during the pandemic has made it possible for me to take classes with Christine Chester, something I'd never have done otherwise. I find the company of other like-minded souls very stimulating and inspiring!