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Julia Shay

I have been quilting for about fifteen years, having been taught to knit by my grandmother, and to make clothes by my mother. Between 30 and 50 I was absorbed in childrearing and work, training and working in child mental health.
My rediscovery of my love of textiles coincided with a bit of a career meltdown and in the last few years, until retirement in March 2017, I combined quilting with working in the field of early years education.
I was fortunate enough to study for the C&G Certificate and Diploma at Missenden Abbey with Barbara Weeks and was a committee member and (for a year or so) Coordinator for Region 6.
I am a member of BQSG and have enjoyed being part of Dorothy Osler's Spennymoor Research Group.
My love of fabric is currently fighting with a rediscovery of playing the recorder, and I have just acquired a knitting machine too (as a Yorkshire lass I think that wool is in my blood).
There is also the little matter of the extended family, book groups, politics and life in general.....