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Fiona Zachariasse

I have been patching and quilting for over thirty-five years - since I was 15 years old. Having begun with the basics of hand patching and quilting, I have since experimented with many techniques and styles and I continue to seek new challenges and to push my boundaries as a quilter.
I am also very interested in quilt history and in textiles in general, an interest that has been easy to pursue alongside a professional career in museums. Writing and lecturing about the history and development of quilts in various parts of the world is something I do with pleasure. I have been privileged to visit and view a number of fascinating textile collections, both on business trips and during holidays abroad. In the course of my previous 'day job' as a Museum Chief Curator I also curated a number of quilt and textile exhibitions, of both historic and art quilts. Now as a Museum Director I spend more time on planning and policy!
Apart from patchwork and quilting I also embroider, although that is a secondary hobby.
A house move at the beginning of 2012 meant that I was able to create a dedicated quilt studio for the first time. I have had a great deal of pleasure from this space in the last 8 years. Even though I have a full time 'day job', my production has increased significantly since I have had a room of my own.
I blog about my quilting adventures and the textiles I seek out on my travels at

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