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Chantal Guillermet

I live in the French Alps and I've been quilting for nearly 30 years now, starting with traditional quilting, but has now moved to Contemporary and Art Quilts.
I love to introduce hand printing and new techniques to modify the surface of the fabrics I'm using. Most of the time I hand dye my own fabrics. My quilts are inspired by nature, landscapes and photos taken when I'm travelling. I'm also inspired by historical facts. As a former librarian I like books and sometimes introduce texts in my quilts, using a poem as an inspiration.
When I'm not making quilts or preparing an exhibition, I'm teaching. I like to meet now people and share my knowledges.
I've had two solo exhibitions (2006 & 2012) and my quilts, were on display at Quilt Expo en Beaujolais these past years.
I belong to the "Contemporary Quilt Group", and 2 on line groups :"Fifteen by Fifteen" ( and "Stitched" (
My work can be seen on : "

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