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Catherine Rigby

My love of patchwork started after my first lesson with Sue Belton - who taught in Garstang, Lancashire in the 1980's. I have been hooked ever since, so much so that after a couple of years making first a Sampler Quilt then onto a Medallion Quilt with Sue - I decided to open a shop selling the beautiful fabrics we needed to make the quilts. "Quilters Cottage" was born and I had a wonderful 10 years running my shop and organising teachers to captivate even more ladies into the fascinating world of patchwork. I have never given up sewing - my stash is as big now as it ever was, it just doesn't seem to go down somehow - I wonder why! I was a member of Garstang Patchwork Quilters and went through the ranks serving on the committee - then became Chairman. I love to get involved with any group, I am also a member of the W.I.

In 2018, we moved South to be near our daughter and 4 grandsons! In order to help out with child care for her and also to see them more often. Since being here I have joined Dorking Quilters and now enjoy a monthly meeting with like minded ladies, that have inspired me to do more quilting now I have retired and have more time to sew. Lots of unfinished projects are being now being dragged out of boxes and finished at last!