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Brenda Bailey

I started quilting a bit in the 1970's but due to a growing family and having to go out to work I never got very far! I started again by going to Adult Education at College when I retired and did an 'Open College Network ' course based on the City and Guilds course set by the Guild.
I have now been quilting for 25 years and still enjoy patchwork and quilting.
Over the years my expanding family (all four of my children) have received double bed quilts, as well as their children recieving cot quilts and big boy/girl bed quilts. Now the three great grand children have quilts too.
I like small projects too, cushion covers bags, and purses, table runners and fable mats.
One of my loves is appliqué and I have at last taught myself how to do needle turn, a lesson that was hard to learn.

I live in Bracknell part of region 6 area, I have been a guild member on and off (mostly on) for a number of years since I was taught how to do P&Q at College when I retired in 1995. I never did the City and Guild course which I have regretted, but the Open College Network one. The college I went to only did this one, if would have had to travel to Windsor College to do the C&G course and I didn’t fancy that journey during the winter months.

I also belong to the Traditional group and like joining in their little challenges.