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Anne Middleton

Whoever would have thought that I would 'get' the joy of being a magpie for fabric and enjoy cutting it up and putting it back together again. All that measuring, cutting, pinning, piecing .....and angst. I was never 'into' fabric or sewing but I will try anything once. I was transported to the U.S. for a couple of years, with time on my hands I found a wonderful community of men and women who stitch, they encouraged me to try everything - touring far flung quilt shops on a bus, retreating into the countryside for 24hr stitching! Talks, exhibitions, charity sew alongs the list is endless and then I found Modern. It took me a while to understand and I am still learning. This is my first step to bright colours, contrast and I am ready to let go and improv very soon. I will be forever grateful to the lady who showed me how to do crazy patchwork and enjoy fabric.

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