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Trip to York – Website Training Day

by Pippa Moss – February 10, 2013

OK! According to our training day, I have only got 20 seconds to capture your interest, so here goes—I went to  York for the Guild Website Training Day. The Guild has commissioned a new website, and the object of the day was to walk us through the new website, then to show us how we could copy and paste the content of the ‘old’ website to the ‘new’ website. Unfortunately, there are still many glitches and it is unlikely that the new website will go ‘live’ for a few weeks yet. But it will be a considerable improvement on the old website. There will be the main Guild Website – then each region and interest group will have its own website, which links in seamlessly to the main site. There will also be a Members area where each Guild member can advertise their teaching, post some photos and say something about themselves and their quilts. The intention is to make the new site a ‘one stop shop’ for quilting and to boost traffic considerably.

Most of the other ladies stayed at the Bar Convent, but I stayed at my favourite B & B, the Abbeyfields. It is a short walk to the Train Station and then the Bar Convent, where we caught a taxi to take us to the venue for the training day, York College, the local further education establishment, where we met in one of the IT Suites. Linda Bilsborrow led the day, and tried to trouble shoot. Although the day did not go quite as planned due to the many glitches still to be sorted, I think most groups managed to make a good start and transfer most of their information. Once the new site goes live, the content on the old site will be lost, so its important that the information is either transferred or saved. Here at BQSG, we have our own website, so there is not the same urgency.

One of the main limitations of the new site seems to be that brevity is the name of the game, and only one photo is uploadable for each page – quite a limitation in my view…..

The only interruption in the day was this unexpected fire alarm – we all had to troop outside and await the arrival of the Fire Department. In the event it was only a malfunction of the alarm system…. I did not get to see the current exhibition at the Quilt Museum, which is a pity. Although I will be going up to York again in June for the Treasurers meeting, the exhibition on at the moment will have finished by then!