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The wonder of the internet

Mrs Dryden

I recently bought a small item - a quilted tea cosy. These and other small items for the home such as cushions and jackets were very popular after the second world war, as part of the revival of quilting. It was hoped that students would go onto larger items, but most never did, preferring to produce decorative items for the house.

As is usual, I asked the seller if she knew who had made it - the answer was, a Mrs Dryden from Easington, who had been a quilting and needlework teacher and, it was said, a major part of the quilt revival. I didn't know her full name...but with various internet search topics proving fruitless,suddenly a photo of a Durham quilter from Easington popped up - further inspection showed that it was Emma Dryden from Easington! Hopefully, this will now allow me to find out more about Mrs Dryden as a quilter. She lived at Moor House Farm, had seven children and won numerous cups at crafts shows. I wonder if she was involved in the WI, an institution that was very much involved in the post war quilting revival. There are more photos to be found, I hope.

Quite an interesting find for me!