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Signature Quilt

by Hazel Mills, November 3, 2012

At their annual seminar in Burnley in October 2012 BQSG launched a project to make a signature quilt to raise funds to go to the Quilt Museum and Gallery.

If you are a member of QGBI and would like to participate in a small piece of quilt history then please sponsor a square on our quilt. Cost is a minimum of £5 per square but please feel free to contribute whatever you can afford. Two possible quilt designs are shown above – the final design will depend on how many signed squares we get. BQSG members are sponsoring the materials and well-known North Country quilter Lilian Hedley will add the quilting design.

When all the squares are received the quilt will be assembled and hand quilted, hopefully in time for the BQSG Exhibition, ‘It’s all in the Making’, in QMG in autumn 2013.

If you would like your signature on this quilt please send a small SAE to Anne Jeater, 14, Meg Lane, Broken Cross, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 3LB, with your cheque for £5 or more, payable to ‘QGBI BQSG’, and you will receive a square of calico and full instructions.

N.B. All completed squares should be returned to Anne Jeater


Enquiries to Anne on 01625 428414 or email